On March 26, 1994, Eddie Kieger was in a motorcycle accident in which he sustained a severe brain injury.

This web site is dedicated to Eddie, his family and his friends. Here you'll find Eddie's story, a story of a community rising up to help one of it's own, and many ways to lend a hand.

Thanks to all of you who have been a part of this ongoing effort. Your continued support has a profound affect on Eddie's quality of life.

Come ride with EKIII.

Eddie on his bike before the accident
Photograph courtesy of John Stafford

Feb 28, 2014 - The 2014 Run is on! The 2014 EKIII Run for Eddie's Birthday, will be held August 1, 2, and 3 at Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground on OH 84, southwest of Ashtabula, OH. Click [here] for all the gruesome details.

July 22, 2012 - The 2012 Run is on! The 2012 EKIII Run for Eddie's Birthday, will be held August 3, 4, and 5, 6 & 7 at Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground on OH 84, southwest of Ashtabula, OH. Click [here] for all the gruesome details. or just show up and sleep somewhere!

Aug 10. 2010 - The Run is done. 28 bikes, and close to 50 people just showed up for the run this year!

Thanks go to the the Shein's for the advance set up, clean up, and pancakes in between! The Frito family did a great slow-cooked pulled pork dinner on Saturday, and George (The Corn Whisperer) cooked fresh corn in the campfire coals! Contributions to cover dinner expenses came out way ahead and were donated to the EK III fund.

The weather was perfect.

Over the last several years, folks have commented on how Eddie seemed more animated and responsive than in previous years. The same was noted this year. He clearly was responding to stories with bright eyes and big belly laughs. As Ann was leaving Saturday night, she thanked each of us, and told us how important this annual run is to Eddie.

Jun 29, 2010 You are the web cam! Steve Shein set up a 2010 folder in Picassa. Upload your photos to eddierun.ekr2010@picasaweb.com. Put your captions in the Subject field of your email. View them [here]

June 7, 2009 - Ann reports that Eddie has been speaking a word or two on occasion. Everything is prompted, and mere repetition, nothing in the way of what you'd call communication. But it's the first *I've* known him to even attempt uttering a word! Ann has had Eddie receiving hyperbaric O2 Treatments for a while now. She Attributes the recent attempts at speech as well as other incremental improvements to this. - TL

Feb 20, 2006 - Eddie Update - Eddie's improvement over the last several months is nothing short of amazing! Ann sez he's in the best spirits she and EKII have seen since the accident! [More]

Feb 24, 2004 - Eddie Has His Van! - An intense fundraising effort by the online community paid off today when Eddie took delivery of a new wheelchair accessible van. Click [here] for the story, pictures and a letter from Ann.

May 2, 2002 - Sign Eddie's "Best Wishes" card click [here]

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