Eddie Kieger was a computer engineer in California, and an active and prolific member of the Internet Harley-Davidson community through rec.motorcycles.harley and the Harley Email Digest. On March 26, 1994, Eddie was involved in a motorcycle accident in which he sustained a devastating brain injury. After a month long coma, Eddie's family moved him back to his home state of Ohio.

In 1997, SunShine posted the message that Ann Kieger, Eddie's mother, had located a wheelchair accessible van that she wanted to buy so she could get Eddie out of the care facility more. His Internet friends had been waiting for a way that they could help, and so a fundraising campaign began. The $8000 needed for the van was collected in about 14 days, and after the van was purchased money kept coming in.

Photograph courtesy of John Stafford

The Edward F. Kieger III Charitable Trust was formed, and it continues to collect donations for Ann to use for anything she feels she and Eddie needs.

Sunshine's post to r.m.h - Eddie's Support and how it all started. (Blast from the past)
The Plain Dealer Newspaper Story
A Letter from Ann

Fast forward to 2004. That '88 was getting old and it was time for her to be replaced. A goal of $20k was established. Once again, the online r.m.h/hed community rallied to the cause! Special items were auctioned, a commemorative r.m.h VB&G patch was produced, the Assholes(tm) produced a cookbook, lots of donations ... The efforts totaled over $23,600!

Folks researched different make's and models, and poured over consumer reviews. The pros and cons of full-size with a lift, vs mini with a ramp was debated. Needs and usage were balanced against availability and price till the field was narrowed. Test-driving commenced. Finally, Ann picked up Eddie's new van - A 2001 Chevrolet Venture/Braun Entervan conversion with 12" lowered floor and a 12 mo./12,000 mile GM Extended Warranty! After years of dealing with a monster-sized van, and struggling with a lift, Eddie now has a mini with a lowered floor that's easier to manage, fits better in a garage, and is more economical to operate.

TL Mitchell's post to r.m.h
The 2004 Letter from Ann
Pictures of the new van

Please take some time to look through this site. It was designed in the hope that Eddie's story will inspire people to stand up for those who can't stand up for themselves.

Several long-term fundraising projects help assure Ann has the resources to take care of Eddie, and can provide for his quality of life. The online auction site [here] allows folks to donate items with the proceeds of the sale going to the trust. Many of the r.m.h gatherings generate funds through donations, tee shirt sales, etc. (I.e. MAMBM) Folk occasionally produce and sell items as fundraisers... There are many tangible ways that you can help. See the "You Can Help" page for some ideas

Come and visit Eddie. While visits to his home are always welcome, there is an annual EKIII Run for Eddie's birthday in early August. See the "Annual EKIII Run" pages for details

Come ride with EKIII and be a part of Eddie's family. Remember - this could happen to any one of us.

"Without all of you and God up above, Eddie's life would have been a mundane existence. Anyone who visited Eddie before the van will no doubtedly agree with me. Having a van to get him out into the world, having friends coming by to visit him, cards, gifts, prayers and good vibes - they have done wonderful things for someone I care very deeply about. Thank you." - Sunshine

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