Greetin's all,

Sue & I had dinner with Eddie & Ann last night on the occasion of Eddie's accountant and good friend, Tom Barrett, making his annual mid-winter trip to Broadfield.

In stark contrast to Eddie's lethargic condition at last year's EKIII Run, the difference is nothing short of amazing! Seems the medicos finally got the meds straightened out after last year's bouts with pnemonia. I'm happy to report that not only is Eddie back to his old self, he's peppier and more involved than *I've* ever seen him in the last 6 years! He spent much of the evening oogling women and laughing his ass off at the conversations around him. Plus, he's smiling a lot these days. Ann sez he's in the best spirits she and EKII have seen since the accident !

EKIII 2006 - Aug 4, 5, 6

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