The 2016 EKIII Run for Eddie's Birthday, will be held August 5, 6, and 7 at Hide-A-Way Lakes Campground on OH 84, southwest of Ashtabula, OH.

For youse techno-weenies: N41 50.630 W80 48.510 or Bing It! (Click for map)

As always, it'll be a great opportunity for Eddie's friends to get together, spend time with Eddie and help him celebrate his birthday! Stay tuned to this channel for updates.

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Check out the EKIII Run Faq
Next year ... Just show up!

Eddie's father wheels Eddie to Eddie's Grill in Geneva-on-the-Lake during the 2004 EKIII birthday run
Photograph by Bill Garlinghouse

Don't want to camp with us? Check out the Cedars Motel in Ashtabula. Close to the campground, stores, restaurants and liquor store.

The Cedars is a mile and a half or so north of the campground. South, about 4 or 5 miles, is the Austinburg exit on I-90 with a Comfort Inn, Sleep Inn, and a Hampton Inn. There's also a couple of truck stops if you find your standards lowered.

The Ho Hum Motel<yawn> is another mile or so down the road. Both have a clean, neat appearance and I'd expect either to be priced much more reasonably than what's available around GotL.

Easy to get to I-90 from the campground... instead of turning down the hill and over the RR track, after you leave Hideaway Lakes, you continue east to the first right turn. Takes you right to Austinburg and intersects with Rt 45 right between 2 of the motels.

OR... take a left out of the campground and hit Rt 45 3 miles west. Turn left and go south a mile or so and you're there.

The Giant Eagle grocery store, 1/4 mile west of the Cedars Motel, is open 24 hrs as is their gas station. The liquor store inside is open 10am to 8pm, Bank and ATM also inside.

There's a moderately priced Steak House near the Cedars within walking distance, also a 24 hr restaurant down the road. Another liquor store with unknown hours is near the US20 / Woodman Ave. intersection as is a 12-month Christmas Store in case Yo! wants to start his shopping early or purchase some new decorations. We all know how much he enjoys celebrating the Virgin Mary's chastity ;-)

The campground owners are pretty cool. They have no concerns whatsoever about drinking or noise as they expect to be helping us get rid of liquid evidence. They also offered to make beer runs if necessary should everyone be too tanked to drive.

The camp store has minimal offerings... cold drinks, ice cream and some odds and ends. The swimming pool looks inviting so I'm sure The Poser will want to bring his thong-Speedo.

There's fishing available in some of the campground lakes as well as a paved bicycle trail adjacent to the property.

Bits n Pieces From Previous Years:

Aug 10. 2010 - The Run is done. 28 bikes, and close to 50 people just showed up for the run this year!

Thanks go to the the Shein's for the advance set up, clean up, and pancakes in between! The Frito family did a great slow-cooked pulled pork dinner on Saturday, and George (The Corn Whisperer) cooked fresh corn in the campfire coals! Contributions to cover dinner expenses came out way ahead and were donated to the EK III fund.

The weather was perfect.

Over the last several years, folks have commented on how Eddie seemed more animated and responsive than in previous years. The same was noted this year. He clearly was responding to stories with bright eyes and big belly laughs. As Ann was leaving Saturday night, she thanked each of us, and told us how important this annual run is to Eddie.

Jun 29, 2010 You are the web cam! Steve Shein set up a 2010 folder in Picassa. Upload your photos to Put your captions in the Subject field of your email. View them [here]

11 Aug 2009 - The 2009 Run is done. While we came this >< close to having fun, it may go down in the books as the wettest. Waves of storms rolled thru on Saturday. We skipped Eddie's Grill because of rain, put a bunch of tarps up between the trees, borrowed a camper-neighbor's gas grill, and fixed our own lunch. Lies were told, strong drink consumed ...

Several regulars were no shows, and were talked about. Otoh, some olde-time NetScum regulars made their first run, and a couple of fng's, George Dean and Steven Paul, "just showed up" and were appropriately slimed.

After raining most of Saturday, every smart phone was tuned to wx radars on Sunday morning, with the prognosis of more storms coming. Hideous rain, cold fog and lightning greeted those heading east, Those heading west found it blazing hot and humid till the temps dropped and more storms rolled in. Everyone made it home safely, and wouldn't have missed it!

Pictures - Steve Shein set up a drop box to which we could upload and share photos throughout the weekend. The gallery is still viewable at Picasaweb. Now also available at

Grog has perfected the art of chair camping

Aug 4, 2008 - Another great run. Eddie spontaneously laughed at what was going on around him. The new campground was a hit - That we didn't have to ride a mile to get to a plumbed restroom, and that the campground didn't smell like dead people were generally appreciated. Bear spent the weekend teaching Yo's bulldog to talk, food was consumed, lies told, those who didn't show up were talked about ... The weather cooperated ... Thanks to someone or another for putting it all together, and to all who made food and beer runs, helped Ann with Eddie, set up, cleaned up, kept the fire going at night to keep Grog warm ...

Pics of 2008 Run:

Pics from 2007 Run:


Pics from 2006 Run:

Big Stinky's
Big Piper's
Terry H's
Steve Shein's
Rand McNally's
Mike in PA's

Pictures from the 2005 Run:

Group shot of 2005 EKIII Run Participants

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