Go visit Eddie in Madison, Ohio (see the contacts page - Read to him. Talk to him. Eddie loves stories about kids and animals. And bikes, of course.

Send Eddie a card or a letter (And pictures, Eddie really likes pictures.)
Eddie's current mailing address is:

Eddie Kieger
18224 Winslow
Shaker Heights, OH 44122

Eddie's birthday is August 5th, send him a card!

Make a donation to the Edward F. Kieger III Charitable Trust - While under current tax laws your cash contributions are not tax deductible, your help will certainly be appreciated! To make a charitable cash donation to Eddie, please make your contribution in the form of either a personal check or money order in US dollars, payable to the EDWARD F. KIEGER III CHARITABLE TRUST. Send your payment to

Edward F. Kieger Charitable Trust
c/o TL Mitchell
4435 Old State Rd.
W. Farmington, OH 44491

Please include your email address so the treasurer can let you know when he gets your donation. Also please include a brief note saying that your donation is for the Trust. Please send only US funds to the EKIII Trust. We lose $10.00 per check for conversion, and it messes up the book keeping a bit. It also appears that they charge us $10 for every foreign "wire", so a US check or US money order is best. For more information email TL at: tlmitchell99@earthlink.net

Donate an item to the Online Auction.

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"... it is this very real concept of family that partially explains Eddie Kieger's current involvement in, and relationship with rmh, HeD, and their participants. He was one of us, is still one of us, and will always be one of us. He's family, and families take care of their own." - LESDL [More]

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